The national Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) is the umbrella body and the authentic mouthpiece of the Nigerian Youth. It was established and given legal recognition in 1990. The NYCN has three branches which includes the National, Zonal and State chapters.. 

The NYCN is also an affiliate to the world assembly of Youth, Pan-African Youth Union  and other international Youth Councils and Organisations sharing the same objectives.


We The Youth of The Federal republic of Nigeria; The State Chapters Local Government Branches, and all affiliate organisations:

i. RECOGNISING the need to live in complete peace and harmony with one another in a world and a society devoid of social inequality and injustice;

ii. REALISING the need to consciously and conscientiously evolve an ideal society by the development and empowerment of the Nigerian Youth;

iii DESIROUS to awaken the consciousness of the Nigerian Youth  to the development of the Nigerian state and philosophy of Nationalism and Pan-Africanism;

iv. CONSCIOUS of the need to free our society from all forms of ethnic, religious and cultural difference and discrimination against  and amongst the Nigeria Youths; and

v. AWARE of the necessity of advancing the course of the Nigerian Youth to live in unity as an idivisible and indissolulable  nation dedicated to the promotion and education of the generality of youth of this country residing in Nigeria and in the diaspora.